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Phocos CX40 12/24V, 40A

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Phocos CX40 12/24V, 40A

The Phocos CX is a very powerful charge controller for this price range. They come with accurate PWM charging regulation and integrated temperature compensation. A bar chart clearly displays the battery state of charge. Also displayed are the load status as well as whether the energy is flowing from or to the battery. The load circuit disconnect protection can be set in different modes: by the voltage in the battery or the state of charge (SOC).

The Phocos CX controllers feature audio warnings and a programable night function to control lights. This charge controller is powerful and compact. It can be mounted on a DIN rail using the mounting plate (sold as an accessory).

Phocos CX charge controllers features:
- Charge and discharge status display
- Acoustic load disconnect pre-warning
- Load status indication
- Choose between 5 load disconnect algorithms
- Boost/absorption/float PWM-regulation (series type)
- Integrated temperature compensation
- Covered terminals (up to 16 mm2 wire size)
- Full solid-state protection

Phocos CX charge controller technical specs:
Phocos model: CX40 / CXN 40
System voltage: 12/24 Volt DC auto recognition
Max. charge current: 40 Amp
Float charge: 13.7/27.4 V (25 °C)
Main charge: 14.4/28.8 V (25 °C), 30 min. (daily)
Boost charge: 14.4/28.8 V (25 °C), 2 h
Equalization: 14.8/29.6 V (25 °C), 2 Std. activation: battery voltage <12.1/24.2 V (at least every 30 days)
Low voltage disconnect: 10.5 V / 21.0 V
Max solar panel voltage: 30 Volts (12ZV systems) / 50 Volts (24V systems)
Grounding: Positive / Model CXN for negative ground
Operating temperature: −20 to +50 °C

Battery type: lead acid (GEL, AGM, flooded)

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